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released 31 October 2013
Produced and designed by TrashAxis

Anna M.L.I.S. - Vocals
Lil' Addy Wollach - Guitar / Vocals
Vitamin G Uribe - Keys / Glockenspiel
Ozzy Bibanovic - Saxophone
Bobbi Beats - Drums
Chard Pelsang - Bass
Lost in a Forest Borie - Accordion

Mixed by Adam Wollach

Engineered by Adam Wollach at Audio Design
Additional engineering by Jordan Andreen
Additional recording at Johanson Audio

Mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Control

All songs written by TrashAxis
except Insight by The Dead Kennedys


released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


TrashAxis San Diego

TrashAxis is an experimental music project from San Diego, CA.

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Track Name: Swimming With Naked Heroes
Hand in hand
Twenty toes in the sand
Unafraid naked and brave
Welcoming the beckoning waves
Trampling wash
Succumbing to the toss
Submersive somersaults
Underwater echoes call
Exhausted and enthralled
Surfacing we stumble and fall
Upon Brooklyn shores
Hair tangled bodies sore
Bus to boston, train to concord
Walk through dense wood with no clothes on
The moss guiding
My tracks fit inside my friends footprints
those who were there before me
peering through leaves whats that you see
ponds just up ahead
my kid sister does a backflip off a boulder into the water
she swims with mallards just like her father
get you out of bed and teach you to walk again because I belong to you because you are my friend and out of reverence for our love for each other
I feel the urge always to submerge my body in water my life in the lives of others just know when you go in my heart we’re always together
Track Name: Sweet Release
Waves crashing
Old people singing from the bottom of their bellies
Womyn operating jackhammers
A sloth dying landing falling in its own filth
An SUV rotting on the side of the road
Onion frying in a pan of old fulfilled stone
Organ music written three hundred years ago
Death Metal
Drums pounding
Eagles catching fish
The past grinding up
Steel hittin steel
Stone crushin stone
Buildings falling
Factories stopping
Freeways stopping
we’re stopping
U.S. stopping U.S. stopping
Can you hear it? Can you hear it?
Track Name: ...Of Dog And Wolf
Garbage man garbage man
Whats with all that garbage
Don’t you know theres food in there and children out there starving
Master trained a good dog ill abide this
Madness no longer bite the roogs that steal from master
Chase them to their steel wheeled monster
To my surprise master calls me a bad dog
Sends me with some ugly fucks in white
Stone faces betray their intentions
Strapped to a table the needle slipping in now
Over burning horizons they rise
Born on the frontier of our madness
And fed on our lies
Mark of the wolf
You fuck with this pack you might get mistook
For a meal, hating man.
Only there to poison and steal and destroy whatever he can
Your ignorant wasteful behavior is the problem
Prolonging pretending we’re going to solve them
Corporate greed trumps planet’s need
Fuck Mark Eickel
Shitting all over our mother
Unable to build or discover
Bite that hand feeds
Master master we’re strong on your trash
We’ll find you tonight and we’re killing your ass
Youll end up like Carnegie
Feeding earth’s worms
Fuck with our mom
You are only waiting your turn
Track Name: Aquatic Ape Theory Revisited
Single grey alien seeks fleshy primate
Beady black eyes finds hairy prime mate
Greater ape craving a date
Andromeda alien finding escape
Dark almond eyes
A cozy figure
Melted egg receives
The slimy seeds of ruin
So, we’re the bastard children of that lustful dusk
Harmony in the jungle became solace in the swamps
The saline visitor, moved on
Iodine eyes, never seen again
With a webbed phalange
Finger kissed the philtrum
For the first time
Our species shed a salty tear
A mixed monkey waded in oceanic fen
Two million years swimming in mraz
Controlling the breath subcutaneous the fat
Crustaceous feast for the neo-beast
The spell spread of bipedal dread
Across Africa roamed hungry hominid
A larynx descended a nose hooded
Spleen kidney consolidation
Enter our evil offspring
Aquatic Alien Ape
Unfold the dark history of our wretched fate of hate
Track Name: The Rape And Death Of My Soul
Look at me . What do you see?
A host ripe for the spawn of your disease?
Say you love me. I know the truth.
You want to fill my womb with rotting fruit,
to use my blood for the demon seed gestation,
and propagate and a brain-dead population.
Call it a crime- my body's liberation.
I charge you with aggravated procreation.

No father, no bishop, no preacher, no priest.
Keep your rosaries out of my ovaries.
I'm not a virgin. I'm not a martyr.
I'm not you 're wife, can't make me a mother.
You may try-may think you're succeeding,
but I brew tea that stops the breeding.
If the filth pustulates, I have a plan.
I'll rip it out with my own two hands

demon seed, in me
demon seed, in me
Track Name: Ugly Virus
Barefoot through the glass and dirt
Share sweet sweaty hugs
Eyes bloodshot and bulging
Bones break into smiles
And the dust rises
Standing on its shoulders
Hills and houses On the horizon
The star follows its path behind
A man collapses in the street And the blood flows

Show me your plants To breath and burn
Show me broken shoes
To walk your slimy streets
Show me moldy bread To fill our gullets
Wipe off the fruit and feed
Slice the rotten from the healthy
Pulp and juices unite over flame
Travel slaked the way the thirsty came
And the travelers sing...

Ugliness. Ugliness.

garbageman, garbageman
whats with all that garbage
dont you know there's food in there
and children out there starving
garbageman garbageman
Track Name: Poop Bomb
When you go on facebook
all i see disgusting
thats because we were there
left our mark we poop everywhere

the interweb is filling up with shit
youtube, e-bay, all of it
i dropped a bomb on the internet

if you wanna visit your site
thats too bad because as time goes by
poop fills up every single word
the infection is spreading its too late to save it
once we wipe the world wide web
then we can once again wake up and weep
Track Name: Waste Not Want Not
Im hungry and I need a snack
Go quietly dressed in black
Ill let you borrow my headlamp
Ride into the night huddle in cars or on our bikes
With donuts on our minds
And bagels
Grab friends along the way
Got our lights and gloves and crates
Our hunger set to sate
Food on the table
The food stamps have run dry
Tired of waiting in line
Eating is a right
Ready and able
Found a dumpster hid
Enchanting glow from beneath the lid
Our mouths they watered
The lock it shattered
One at a time we climbed into the grime
Veggies vinyls booze and books
All the best refuse wherever we looked
We gave and we took
So much loveliness
This is dirty bliss
How can I resist
Dancing on the piles
Trash for miles and miles
Redeeming what you deem vile
Throw it all away
Funny how your waste saves and fills up all our plates
Cops roll up in cruisers
To take our booty of litter
But we wont surrender the scraps we have rendered
this joyful host a revolution’s compost
Seeking refuge we joined hands and pulled each other in
No sooner had we gathered there the walls started caving in
Falling through a deep abyss, at first we were afraid
But in the dark we closed our eyes and let our hands find a way
Sliding through filthy tunnels out bodies ricochet
Running short of breath
I don’t think we can escape
But look behold there is a light
That shines inside this man made cave
The sun shines so bright
You squint your eyes to see before your eyes their lies
Treasure endlessly hypnotize inside the warmth of the air and sea
Those big clouds and our troubles have burned away
And all we do now is eat and sleep and play
And wonder just how we lived any other way
The ground seeps as flies buzz around your face
Sallow cheeks turn grey
Nothing left to eat my insides ache supplies decayed
The soil reeks and there is no shade
Cannot salvage the waste
The air burns and the sky rains ash
Eyes sting teeth gnash
It wasn’t until a our guts were hollow
That our minds could be filled with the sound
Of our own mothers voice and this is what she had to say
You have made your own choice
Yes you have made a grave mistake
You must give as much as you take
Through the soil your fingers will rake
In order to reap you most sow
In order to live you most grow
Now go share what you know
This admonishment fell us to our knees
We wept until the soil was wet
And after we had dried our eyes
We fed the earth with our own sweat
Finally those clouds came back
Waste not want not