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Scrapyard Vistas

by TrashAxis

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Brain Dump 03:44
A 00:08-00:29 (8x) (first two hit on ends- stretch out 8th) Awoken Frightened Beckoning whispers call to her Limbs are leaden, but the eyes flutter Silent dread comes writhing crawling Paralyzed, the woe is seething still the heart….. B 00:30-00:51 (4x) –rant “brain riff” …keeps pounding throbbing thrashing C 00:52-1:31 (2x) catchy/ screamy (come in on dissension ) “dump riff” Leaping from sleep She breaks into a frantic sprint Running to or from she does not know Windswept torrents Are streaming down her cheeks Her eyes are swollen shut from her own tears (transition 10 hits) D 1:34-1:59 (x5) rant “brain riff” dredging blindly she starts crawling but falls, tumbling into water the surface shapeshifts, reflects, mirrors her own face masked breaches, greats her. E 2:00-2:22 (x4) groovy “despair riff” screaming out to the heavens, hopelessness, loneliness caught in the gaze of the stranger clings to the doppleganger F 2:23-3:10 (x8) ? spooky riff , fear sneak up the bank then burrow deep turn down the sod and lay with me draw your fingers over my markings Cast off the weight of this mortal body G 3:11-3:23 (x6) scream “brutal brain” the tempter strikes to kill a little blood is spilled no sounds hearken when she yells still the spector dispells crawling out her own grave climbing, coursing the clay she scurries towards the day H 3:24-3:37 (x2) “outer brain” – punctuate first part knowing she will be ok because she can dig herself out
Green Boots 02:34
00:00 - A Climbing, reaching for the sun No waxen wings Just a few bottles Of oxygen 00:28 - B over the rainbow valley through corpses strewn about The final ascent before me Up green boots’ dreaded route 00:47 - C I climb on my own The only man i shall greet Is a climber with old Green boots strapped to his feet 1:04 - D So you arrived He’ll greet me and smile Won’t you come inside And rest for a while 1:13 - E Sweating and shaking And starting to cough Maybe i’ll just take These steaming gloves off 1:23 - F Other souls march on by For they do not dare To step boots inside Green boot’s icy lair Chasing the summit they’ve left me to die Tipping their hats as they pass The storm’s a comin there’s no time To pull me from the frigid crevasse 1:55 - G Though my corpse has been moved Still my spirit remains In the cold icy tomb Of old green boots cave 2:28 - END
Katabasis 04:35
Run around, naked in the muck and the mire Come sit down, beside me next to the fire At the desk Inside my bedroom, I will teach you to sew. Sit calmly learning this new card game you know Sleep in the dusk, under stars Drinking, smoking, laughing, I’m crying on your front porch If only I could see al the reasons To ditch work and write some music Like grubby kids who’ve thrumbed from home In search of soil to grow their gardens Working, sleeping, mourning, I ‘m waiting to feel alive. Every summer You go away Riding the rails up the west coast You camp on cliffs And misty glades Going everywhere I wish i could go Wasting time On the side of the road Crowned with flowers strumming a banjo . Trading locks and stick and poking Beautiful markings on your bodies Hunker down and tell me stories Sorry to hear you're sick from traveling Yes, I’ve sibbed in drunken arguments And at times there’s been some bloodshed Some of my friendships are still really tense There are things we’ve said that we can’t take back But then I look at you in all of your tenderness Look at your face and I cannot stay angry Holding you and dancing to our favorite song Take the mic and sing along You my friend, I need so desperately Without your smile my life means nothing You my friend, I need so desperately Without your smile my life means nothing You my friend, I need so desperately Without your smile my life means nothing This place stinks so wet and sweet Dog-eared books and sunflower seeds Chickens cluck, jump through windows Painting your names above the piano Shuffle D’s, blast rhythm Dried blood, mucus, and gism Bird shit rots through tempered brass Oxidizing memories past
Impermanence 04:48
reality laughs as we crumble realize there is no control reminded that all this will end mono no aware sweet smells of storms subsiding spark memories stuck spinning hands of ghosts claw marks into the walls impermanence endless fixation upon oblivion scoffing at optimists, favor the pathos alone in the ashes we regurgitate our scars and the mask slips further away what remains that unnameable something piercing like a rapier for we know not why longing for we know not what shrieking hymns into the wind imploring beasts beseech again beneath the nightfall deep caves surface futures traced from deep piled ashes slicing deep into the cortex billions of unbalanced surgeons misery and loneliness exacerbate through eloquence bleary eyes stare through lost futures knuckles ground on pulsing temples wrenching ones we loved too early we knew ourselves too late tearing the fingernails from discarded futures it all turns to dust on our tongues but then it’s back again clenching fists buzzing brain basking in shame this cant be all there is what did you do why do u do this what do u do now regret is not enough what did i do why do i do this what do i do now regret is all I know que saudade! sensucht sickly nostalgia utopian conceptions of ideal development the way we were desperate privation the way we are sense incompleteness, imperfection of life the pain we feel this pain will forever be those we love will echo throughout the vastness of time the way it will be the way it’s always been by reflecting compassion upon ourselves -adjust maybe? are we complete which truth should be confirmed for talons claw to spite the feathers Sing through the heartache scream with the madness overwhelm the chorus clipped moods wings fallen among spineless humanity enervating supine luxury It will never be the last time endless fixation upon oblivion scoffing at optimists, favor the pathos enshrined by those ashes we look up to the stars and the past slips further away
Promenade 01:44
Tiger Moth 01:43
(hibernation) winter after winter i slept under an icy bell jar fogged by my own breath (waking up/spring) In a waking haze I recalled the dreams frozen In my mind And trembled as they buzzed around my insides (pupation/metamophasis) I cried to behold messages i traced on the walls Sweet lonely wooly bear The winter’s long gone Long live tiger moth kissed by the sun
Old Growth 03:40
Wild lightning struck the fire that swept me from my siblings. I flew and fell and when I landed bankets of ash and snow covered me. I gave into sleep, cradled by corpses of my family. Awaiting rebirth in the cold dark earth As one so small and frail, I had to hide under shadows of fog for fear that the sunlight would kill me. Biding time, I regained my strength, drank up the rain. Exhumed from my tomb, I broke through the earth’s crust And sprang forth to the sun! I could live to be three thousand years old. I have seen my childrens’ children full grown. Most of your children will be wiped out. You willl lose them in the drought. I could live to be three hundred feet high, higher than an eagle in the sky! You will be scorched. You will survive, but you will bare scars the rest of your life. I lied in the ruins, buried and rotten. Still I lived on, when most would have died. I was born to persevere. This giant cannot be felled. At last, after centuries of safe seclusion, descried by a man from the west. He and his cronies severed me from my body, and for a funeral they danced upon my remains. Spread my limbs all over the world. A skeleton to marvel. Not one man shed a tear for the potion to cut us all clear.
Srebrenica 01:53
Wartorn 04:29
Clean strum intro (peaceful, nostalgic) A 00:00-00:05 -INTRO MOD ON B No vocals B 00:06-00:18 No vocals C 00:18-00:30 No vocals B 00:31-00:42 My aunt lived in a green glenn Where we ate bitter jam C 00:43-00:53 -BUILD As planes flew overhead D 00:55-01:03 - TRANSITION (ominous) I smiled and flailed my arms about at the men up in the clouds but when bombs came crashing down we ran and hid under the house Chorus E 01:04-01:17 -SYNTH/SAX No vocals F 01:18-01:32 - DROP (danger) Later on inside our building Through the door my mom stood peering At looted apartments left behind A By neighbors who snuck away in the night E 01:33-01:39 -SOAR The war is here we realized F 1:40-1:44 -DROP Refugee families Quickly moved in To the vacant tenements VERSE 1 G 1:45-1:59 Pause for synth solo @ 01:48 So many new kids to play with We shared toys and they shared lice F 2:00-2:14 We played outside with toy trucks Paving roads out of sawdust When shells dropped we would cover and duck And laugh at how my big ol’ butt stuck up G 2:16-2:28 Pause for synth solo @ 02:23 Making games out of lost battles who can find the biggest shrapnel Verse 2 (anger at the betrayal, devastation) H 2:29-2:56 -heavy I missed my Friends when we Had to flee To Zagreb I 2:57-3:01 -heavy build! My dad wasn’t home for months at a time H 3:09-3:14 My mom slept I 3:15-3:19 With a grenade launcher under Chorus kinda (escape/survival) J 3:20-3:26 -TRANSITION her bed E 3:27-3:41- again sing epicly here :) Dreaming one day we would be safe back home K 3:42-3:50 -descent Big strum outro (life moves on , but memories remain, war persists, but you have to make the best of the life you have?) B 3:31-4::08 -SLIGHT DROP ON B (TIMING CHOICE) Dad smuggled munitions saved our town from annihilation L 4:09-4:28 -BRIDGE→ BUILD Filling towers up with bombs Getting beat by the cops B 4:29-4:47 ULTIMATE Though the house was still intact We never got our home back
Fancy Feast 03:55
THE FEAST 00:00 A Winds of changing seasons swept in the old confidence man Striding boldly to stake claim to a once forgotten land 00:20 B Slinging us the serpent cup Spouting words like sweet elixir jangling pans of golden coffers 00:35 C Filling empty bellies up with hate and fear and rage and bile and pride and scorn and spite and angst and dread and ire and sneers and flags and fires and hoods and brass 00:40 A Fatigue and toil blinded our red and bloodshot eyes With hate and fear and rage and bile and scorn and pride Hungry mouths began to sing the rally cry 01:00 B Deafening calls our ears burned to heed Harkened to the siren’s call take comfort in my golden halls 01:13 C With drooling lips he cried give me Your poor and tired and mad and dazed and starved and wretched and lost and stuck and weak and sick and mocked and pissed and low and dumb and screwed - 01:19 D drunk on desire, We marched to the jubilee / through glittering galleries 01:31 E Our sateless frothing hunger set to gorging our cupidity / / on jewel-encrusted frippery 01:36 D The doors flung open, and before us a great banquet was set, but there were no seats left 01:49 E Kings and cronies gobbled up , without seats at the table for us 01:55 F while the jowls of the rich stretched and sagged obliging the spread their eyes rolled back into their heads, we stood unacknowledged 02:16 E e gawked with craving as frenzied hands shoveled to greasy mouths as their eyes rolled back into the headws - 02:20 G transition - no lyrics 02:28 H bridge - , how cunning, how cruel The empty promise of food And realizing we have been fooled 02:48 I an eye was caught and in disgust A meager scrap was tossed 02:56 J heavy ravaging mad we lept for a sliver Trampling and piling upon one another 03:14 K Nails clawed into muscles As teeth tore pthrough flesh 03:27 L climax clutching his sides, slapping his thighs the con man sneered, bon appetit! 03:41 K And so we fed on each other, Only to be gobbled up by the beasts We were the feast!
the socialist realism saps democracy for cultural freedom study the art of war wage war on art And strap on that long leash abstract expressionism will save our civilization
Soaring Over the heaps Passing the shack And the bugs in the street Following that fetid trail That the maggot blazed On that fateful day But this fate was not one he’d chosen He’d abandoned his life in that valley No one could have guessed what he’d see there When this maggot when into that factory But lo and behold it seems our hero persists (ahhhhhhs) By way of some miracle incarnation This one peculiar larva Gets one more chance To survive When the first light of life first blinks in one’s eye Reborn to an egg, beginning of the end, Mr.Maggot, in there, resides Through viscous membranes, our hero reborn Eyes focus on this fair sweet summer morn Sun shining down on an engulfing horde Huge newborn chicks, overwhelmed by the swarm Swept by the current of slithering bodies Past the remains of the eaten, now rotting Brethren look up with flesh hooked in their mouths It is then he remembers … THE MOUNDS MM This cannot be so Maggot 1 Come, you must follow onwards to our Meadows… Maggot 2 Dont be afraid, youll like it, just try! Maggot 3 Sometimes it helps if I close my eyes.. Suddenly a piercing shout The meadow of maggots turns to the sound Her eyes bulging with 50 million years She stares in horror but does not shed tears Slicing through the air, her beak starts thinning the demons Out of the bloodbath, one of the grubs start screamin… MM But I do not want this life! I want to go home! Mother This is your home now. You’re way past the threshold. MM I know you must hate me Mother Yes, but I love you MM That cannot be! I am monstrous! Mother You are as we are. Born to live. MM But I do not fly, or build, or sing! And with an air of inevitability the mother bird swoops closer and breathes Mother You are a part of all things Mother And now my dear, you are part of me THE END


released October 31, 2023

All music by TrashAxis

TrashAxis is:
Anna Uribe - Vocals
Adam Wollach - Guitar / Vocals
Azra Bibanovic - Saxophone
Bobby Uribe - Drums
Chad Pelsang - Bass
Forest Borie - Accordion
Michael Uribe - Synth / Piano

Recorded by Dale Holland and Adam Wollach
Mixed by Adam Wollach
Mastered by Alan Douchess

Artwork by Adam Wollach


all rights reserved



TrashAxis San Diego

TrashAxis is an experimental music project from San Diego, CA.

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